Body Treatment


A Facial For Your Entire Body


Aromatic & Therapeutic treatments are customized to reduce toxins and improve blood circulation.


Body Wrap

A nutrient-rich treatment formulated for those who require aggressive exfoliation. A rich mineral mask is applied to the skin. This treatment is designed to refine the skin's texture, relax the muscles, leaving you feeling lighter and more invigorated.


Body Scrub

A combination of sea salts & natural oils exfoliate the skin and remove unwanted lifeless cells.


Body Scrub and Wrap Combinations

It is our professional recommendation that a body scrub should be combined with a body wrap/ spa jet. The scrub helps remove dead skin cells which naturally build up on the body. In turn, this allows for maximum absorption of the wrap's essential nutrients. It further helps to rid the body of excess water weight.


Detox Therapy Wrap

A detoxifying wrap for your skin and body, eliminating fluids and toxins, while stimulating your lymphatic system with light massage movements.

  • Muguet Body Scrub
  • Magnolia Body Souffle
  • Spanish Gardenia Body Scrub
  • Frangipani Body Cream Scrub
  • Rosamarino & Menta Body Scrub
  • Sandalo With Basilico & Mandarino
  • Bergamotto With Mandarino Body Scrub
  • Mediterranean Floral Body Souffle with Wasabi Extracts

Lavender Floral Body Polish Treatment

Relaxing full body exfoliation using uniquely formulated, non-abrasive fruit enzymes that aid circulation and polish your body to perfection. Finish with a moisturizing massage.


Swedish Miracle Body Wrap

Swedish Miracle Body Wrap System combines the finest ingredients from Northern Europe with the Egyptian art of pressure wrapping to tighten, contour and deeply cleanse the body. The products are specially formulated with amino nutrients, the building blocks of protein. Used in conjunction with rich natural sea clays the Swedish Miracle System compresses, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin.


Floral White Rose Treatment

The soft, velvety textures caress your skin. White rose oil scents embrace your senses, releasing memories, like crystal moments in time.


Glowing Radiance with The Orange Blossom Scrub

It is loaded with Botanical Extracts which help to remove the dead cells. The ingredients include essential oils of Pompelemo, Mandarino, Limone & Basilico. The oils help heal, rejuvenate & revitalize the skin. Vitamins A and E are added for their antioxidant properties.


Jasmine Rose Rhassoul Clay

he Body is wrapped from head to toe in this detoxifying blend of Rhassoul clay & essential oils of rose, eglantine, jasmine, blue tansy, ylang-ylang leaving the skin with a healthy balance and freshly smooth surface.


Instant Bronzer Without A Self Tan

A sun kissed glow for the skin without the harmful effects of the sun. The scent of yellow frangipani makes your skin glow. A perfect alternative to self-tanning when all you want is a deep sun kissed glow!


Instant Bronzer

The deep golden pigment gives your face and body an instant all over healthy glow, whilst the long lasting self-tanner develops underneath in hours. Your skin is moisturized with the exotic scent of cocoa butter.


Instant Bronzer Shimmer & Gradual Self Tanner

An instant bronze shimmer & gradual self tanner treatment with skin firming benefits. Bronze radiance, which develops into a flawless sun kissed tan within hours. It reduces the appearance of the orange peel effect associated with cellulite. Skin feels firm, toned & sexy.


Instant Shimmer for Face & Body With Frangipani

An illuminating mist evenly covers your face & body leaving your skin with a shimmer & a youthful glow. Refreshingly scented with pink frangipani, soothes softens & moisturizes as it glows with the calming qualities of Vitamin E, leaving tired skin feeling refreshed & glowing for day & night. For the skin that only models, dream off