CEO's Message


Dear Friends,


Oxygen s.p.a. is synonymous with peace, calm, tranquility. Our spa uses a holistic approach to help you find inner peace.


We all need an element of stress in our lives in order to function properly.


We fall into a vicious cycle of highs and lows and begin to feel exhausted without any joie de vivre! An all too familiar scenario for a growing number of us.


The simple solution is to follow the pathway of keeping one's life in balance. It is to learn the art of tranquility and simply return our minds to a "Zen" like state.


This may be easier said than done, yet it is not as monumental a task. The secret is to take time out for yourself, bask in total self- indulgence and detach yourself from the outside world to set everything aside and create one's own sanctity.


I invite you to experience the Oxygen s.p.a. journey.

Laeeq Akbar
Oxygen s.p.a.
The Oxygen Experience