Hair Color


Women have been dyeing their hair for hundreds of years. It is believed that ancient Egyptians started this practice.

We are no longer in the era of a simple cut, healthy hair, luxurious in the Hermes sense, not ostentatious but refined.

Our products are ultra-nourishing – you don't simply wash your hair, you use our shampoo's as a cure! Taking vitamins for a month is the same as using our shampoo treatments.

Our aromatherapy shampoos are the perfect maintenance solution for healthy hair. The color will last longer & hair will be healthier and better able to absorb the color. Similarly, overly damaged hair will not take color evenly from roots to ends If you nourish it, your color wont become dull after two weeks.


Hair Colour Consultants at Oxygen
At Oxygen spa our professional hair consultant will help you choose the right look. We analyse your hair, skin & eye color and find a flattering shade that further accentuates your beauty


Fashion is temporary and may not suit you……. .
……………but style is a signature statement!


The absolute weapon of femininity, your hair is a full-fledged fashion accessory that seduces in every hue.

At Oxygen our color consultant plays with several shades, undertones of green, copper, brown, plum & metalics.

We bring out the best by playing with the spectrum of colors from basic chestnut to golden or warm browns.

Straight and curly , long and short hair do not absorb color in the same way, only a colorist can decide what works best for yours.

“This is haute couture for the hair…………………
…………………….if you own a Dior dress, you don't throw it in the washing machine!”


Types of Shades

At oxygen we play with contrasts to better capture light and create the illusion of volume.We have incredibly rich palettes of colours & our stylists are happy to develop combinations that result in original colors, re-creating a natural look.


Nude Colors

A subtle shading and blending of colors into one another, from chocolate browns to dark red. At Oxygen we love to play with reflections and highlights, subtle shading from roots to tips, from golden blonde to ash blonde. From basic chestnut, you can lighten a few sections or introduce darker tones at your whim.


Raven Black with Reflections of Midnight Blue

Raven black with reflections of midnight blue is recommended if you already have a darker complexion. It illuminates lighter eyes.


Gray Hair: The Game of Hide & Seek

Accept it or conceal it? The loss of pigmentation in hair, which usually begins around age 30, can be embraced. Gray hair is gorgeous, pure refinement-as long as you prevent it from yellowing. An ultra stylish cut will create a striking look! Tone-on-tone coloring will add subtleties to your color and cover grays so they fade into the rest of your hair.



The fairly easy bottle blonde that drove men wild is no longer in vogue. WHEAT BLONDE begins with light undertones and blends in darker shades with personalized highlights. There are warmer shades, such as dark golden blonde, caramel, hazelnut, honey and more contrasting tones.



Red hair is associated with romanticism and a fiery temper. Artificial red is very susceptible to everyday stresses: color care shampoo and styling products used together are the only way to preserve its fire.