Hair Cuts & Styling


Want to change your hairstyle? Don’t do it on an impulse!

At oxygen we not only base it on the shape of your face, but on the nature of your hair & your lifestyle.
We listen to the requirements of our clients.

We do not cut, we redesign!
We correct flaws & strive to create spectacular results!
The right hairstyle has the allure, the body & the elegance to help keep your true age a secret!

Every woman who walks out of Oxygen makes a statement!

The Hair Salon offers a variety of hair treatments for dry, limp & damaged hair, using essential oils and plant based products of the highest quality.

It often seems that our hair does exactly as it pleases. Our hair is genetically programmed before birth, from hairline to the color, from texture to volume. Each strand of our hair tells our genetic history; as well as our emotional one.


Bamboo Marrow Hair Treatment
Exclusive salon intense treatments for reconstruction of extremely damaged hair. A rich cocktail of controlled-release Oligo elements, botanical extracts of bamboo Marrow, cotton oil & Hydrolyzed proteins in high percentages. Botanical extracts of bamboo Marrow restores strength & elasticity to reduce the risk of breakage. Progressive usage permits recovery of up to 100% of the health & beauty of natural hair.

Magnolia Hair Treatment
Magnolia Hair Treatment is just not an aromatic treatment for hair. Deeply hydrates hair to provide bounce, shine & manageability. Hair is beautifully nourished and delicately scented with the essence of Magnolia.

Alfaparf: Intensive Hair Treatment
A new dimension in Luminosity... an exclusive combination of the unique shine of Linseed Extract with the luxurious sparkle of Diamonds! An instant hair repair Microcrystalline Treatment. It's highly nourishing Linseed Oil Complex repairs capillary fibers and seals the hair cuticle. Does not weigh hair down. Instantly leaves hair visibly soft and shiny.

Aloe & Protein Moisture Infusion Treatment
This treatment contains fresh aloe and protein with vitamin E capsoules. V itamin E restores strengthens & rehydrates all hair types.


Hair Treatments

This treatment begins with the application of Alopecia oil, which is a unique blend of essential oils. Alopecia areata affects both males and females and is defined as loss of hair. A rich scalp massage rejuvenates the hair & improves blood circulation.