Hand & Feet Care


Hygien at Oxygen

Manicures are an excellent way of improving the overall health of your nails.

At Oxygen, we are very aware of the importance of sterilizing our implements before and after each treatment. Standing water in tub is a breeding ground for infection.



Aromatherapy Spa Manicure
This remarkable hand treatment is to give your tired hands a bit of rejuvenation. Frequent treatments remove unwanted spots and smooth aging hands.


Spa Deluxe Manicure with Parafin
This deeply rehydrating hand treatment uses melted paraffin. With a luxurious hand massage, your hands are left looking youthful and immaculate and are polished to perfection.


Youth Manicure
For the 12 and under group, this basic manicure is designed to help teach proper nail care for well-groomed hands.
Tuesday - Thursday 11:30 am to 5 pm


Acrylic Nails
Artificial nails cover your natural nails, which can grow underneath. Nails are polished to perfection.




Medical Pedicure
This pedicure targets corn and ingrown toenails and removes hard skin.


Aromatherapy Spa Pedicure
This softening treatment uses special warm therapeutic oils from Italy. Toenails are trimmed, buffed & polished. Your legs and feet are scrubbed and massaged.  Rosmarino&Menta scrub Magnolia, Gardenia, Orange Blossom & various other choices of floral and therapeutic scrubs are available. Tension, deep within the muscles are unlocked, soreness and swelling is reduced.


Spa Deluxe Pedicure with Paraffin
This deeply rehydrating foot treatment uses melted paraffin. After the nails have been trimmed & buffed,nails are polished to perfection.


Hot Stone Pedicure

Legs are exfoliated with various aromatherapy scrubs formulated with our essential oils that gently slough away dry, calloused skin. In Bali “batu” stones embody the energy of the water that flows around them, the legs and feet are massaged with smooth black stones.


*** NOT recommended for individuals withHeart disease, Osteoporosis & Diabetes.